Thankful Turkey
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A fifth graders attempt to make the world a better place.

Welcome to the Thankful Turkey project.

The goal is to collect as many thankful messages as possible. Will you help by sharing what you are thankful for?

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The Thankful Turkey was created by Riley Byington, a 5th Grader at Lake Middle School in Millbury, Ohio. Riley's idea was to figure out how to make people have a better day. One way she found was by simply having people think about things they are thankful for. This is based on research indicating that taking time to be grateful can result in a more positive life outlook. The idea of the Thankful Turkey is to simple 'feed the turkey' what you are thankful for. The basic action of writing something down causes you to take a moment to be grateful, which in turn results in you having a positive experience.

Below is a picture of the real Thankful Turkey. It was brought to Lake Middle School and kids were able to write messages about what they were thankful for. This website takes the idea to a larger internet audience, with the hope of impacting thousands of people.

Additionally, a presentation was shared to the class about the project.

What the Research Says

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